Welcome to the coziest web corner for book worms

baby-eating-bookDo you eat books?

If you do, this place is for you. Welcome to book-review-circle.com - the coziest web corner for book worms.

We are a bunch of book lovers who read books for pleasure. Our tastes may vary- from the classic to the best selling, from hard core facts to flights of fancy, each of us have unique preferences. But one thing binds us all-our love for books. We devour them.

What we do at book-review-circle.com

Baby writesNot only do we devour books, we ensure that we keep a chronicle of our- ahem- erudition. That is, whatever we read, we write a short personal review on it. By thus ruminating our feed we digest it better. Since reviewing a book forces us to look at our reading critically, we believe our understanding of the book improves after writing the review.

Also, years later, when memory of the book dims, we love going through our reviews like one would go through a favorite holiday album...it brings back authentic memories. We love the after taste.

Not to mention, we also get to show off our copious reading to our friends, by simply showing them the page that maintains a list of all our reviews.

We also love going through the reviews written by other book worms- it helps us decide our next read in case we are ever at a loss.

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