Book: 5 Years Guarantee- How to make India richer

Author: Shrawan K Vikram

Rating: 4.5/5

5 Years Guarantee- Shrawan VikramSummary: The book primarily deals with removal of poverty in India, and to achieve this goal in 5 years the author comes out with some new perspectives on money, resources, wealth, exports imports on national level. The concepts, arguments in favor of the concepts are illustrated with examples and made easily comprehensible. It goes further to define various types of poverty and how definition is dynamic in nature and hence it is waste of time to dwell on the definition. Then it details out the road map for removal of poverty in general and and how to expedite the process for total removal of poverty within 5 years. The book beautifully comes out for short term and long term actions for various sections of the nation.

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Social/Historical context: Over 60 years have passed after independence and India still has the largest number of poor people on this planet. The policies adapted till date have resulted in very limited success and though every political party talks of poor and poverty, there is hardly any clue of effective solutions and the process to be adapted for quick removal of poverty. In this direction this book is with definite action plans and very novel process. Best part of the book is that the process detailed to remove poverty, also makes the nation powerful to hold on firmly the Indian society during the 21st century.

ten dollarsWriting Style: The book is an easy-read with tremendous flow. Though the book is in the domain of developmental economics and public policy, it is readable by all sections of society. The economic concepts have been explained in simple language and with examples.

My Thoughts: The author is learned and has terrific out of box thinking. The whole book is sprinkled with new ideas and is exhaustive on the subject. The concepts have been dealt with dexterity. If the book is followed the nation's gain will be tremendous. And hence this book is recommended for reading to every citizen, politician, bureaucrat, policy maker, economics student, social worker, business planner and journalist.

Book Reviewed By U Srivastava

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