Birthday Gift Ideas For Different Age Groups

Birthday Gift IdeasIn this article I shall discuss suitable birthday gift ideas for different age groups. I often find people perplexed about making the right birthday gift choices for specific age groups. Should a birthday gift for a 16 year old be the same as that of an 18 year old? Or should a 60 year old receive the same birthday gift he received when he was 21 years of age? Obviously not!

The central thing to remember while making unique birthday gifts is the reason why that year is special in a person's life. Some ages have special significance in specific cultures. For example the 12th or 13th year of a Hindu Brahmin child is significant because he is likely to undergo the Thread ceremony that year. A Jewish child has the Bar Mitzvah ceremony on his 12th or 13th year. Hispanic girls celebrate their quinceañera on their 15th birthday. Americans celebrate their Sweet Sixteens. Depending upon the culture, the 18th or 21st year signifies Coming of Age. The 60th year is important in Hindu societies as it marks the completion of a full cycle. Wedding vows are renewed on this date and blessings are sought from the subject.

Birthday Gift IdeasSo whatever be the age, it is easy to pick a gift for the birthday boy or girl once we know why that age is significant. For example if the boy is celebrating his coming of age, what could be a better gift for him than a 'coming of age' novel like' Portrait of the Artist...'? Or if the girl is celebrating her transition to womanhood on her 15th birthday, then gift her a suitable novel for the same age. To my mind, 'Gone With The Wind' is an international bestseller that begins when the central protagonist, Scarlet O Hara is around this age. So the girl is sure to relate to the book. Chances are that she will also learn from it and fall in love with its endearing characters.

That being said, I understand that the book universe is huge. It may not always be possible for someone to come up with great birthday gift ideas for each age group. The possibility of error however is very low if one refers to my ebook ‘Gift a book-101 ideas : Ultimate guide to the best gifts’. Birthday Gift IdeasThis e-book gives at least 10 different book gifting suggestions for all major gifting occasions in a person's life. Be it a birthday party or a graduation ceremony, a baby shower or superannuation, this e-book will make the correct book selection for each ceremony.

Discover the magic of gifting a small piece of wisdom by giving the right book gift for every occasion. Gift a book whenever you want to gift something special to the people you love.

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