Book Review Requests

Dear Book Lovers Club Members,

We have received review requests for the following books:

  • Death Cry by Gemma Mawdsley
  • Dunk'd, A True Story Of How Big Money Is Corrupting The Franchising Industry by Irwin Barkan
  • Love Is Strong As Death: Our Walk Through The Valley Of Its Shadow by Rick and Nancy Fleeter
  • Dilliz Boyz by A.P.S.Malhotra
  • The Last Race by Jai Prakash Dangwal
  • The Hardline Self Help Handbook: What Are You Willing To Do To Get What You Really Want by Paula Renaye
  • Jerusalem Spring by Fares Aoun
  • The Cheat Sheet: A Clue-By-Clue Guide To Finding Out If He’s Unfaithful by Rea Frey
  • My Life Has No Purpose! by David Weber
Reviews on these books need to follow the standard book review guidelines applicable for You can read the guidelines here. They need to be submitted at the Write a book review link on the website.

Please note that the 'Write To Earn' and 'Earn A Gift Voucher' programs don't apply to these review submissions.