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online book review sitesThere are a host of online book review sites. So what makes so special? Why has this particular online book review website become so popular amongst intelligent and diligent book readers? What is the secret behind this book reviews website commanding such a loyal member base? The answer to this lies in a number of factors:

  1. This website hosts free book reviews that are available for any book lover who cares to know more about the book than just what is written on its pages.

  2. Reviews on this website are not written by academics or geeky theorists. Book reviewers at are regular yet intelligent readers who feel the need to write about their book reading experience, meaningfully. best book review websitesYet this website contains much more than skimpy comments on other book review blogs like' yeah, I liked this book'. You know what I mean :-P All book reviews on this site follow a critical book review template that contains a summary, the social/historical context of the book, its writing style and the reader's personal reaction to the book. The reviews hosted here are therefore much more sophisticated than those in other book summary websites.

  3. This format of book reviews helps readers develop their critical literary writing skills as well. In fact there is a chapter on 'how to do a book review' in this website that explains to newbies the tricks of writing good book reviews which even their English teacher will appreciate.

  4. This website for online book reviews also has an active club of book lovers who meet regularly through Facebook and Twitter. The club also publishes its monthly newsletter to keep up-to-date on the latest literary news and gossip.

  5. And the icing on the cake is perhaps the fact that the website actually pays you for sharing your experience with like minded people. That is right! Book reviewers actually get paid $10 each time their review gets published at! Now can you name any online book reviews sites that do this?( This offer is valid at the time of writing this article. To know if the offer is still valid, please write to

best site for book reviewsAll these reasons explain why and how has become the best site for book reviews in the cyber world. Book loving netizens come here to find out good book recommendations by fellow book lovers. They come here to share their book-reading experiences and to enhance their critical writing skills.

In case you really want to compare the quality of reviews hosted here to other book review websites, we are giving you a sample list for your convenience. You can then decide for yourself on which is the best book review website. Some of these book review sites are:


You can compare a sample book review at any of these websites and then check on those hosted here. You will know why we are easily one of the best book review sites in cyberspace.

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