Book Reviewer-Billy Best

Gay, with a degree in psychology and Masters in English literature, I work for a human rights organisation in Edinburgh and am an extremely avid reader. I believe books should help people grow, know themselves and others around them, and always enjoy books that are innovative and courageous.

Favorite Authors

  • Ian McEwan,
  • Oscar Wilde
  • Virginia Woolf

Favorite Books

  • Enduring Love
  • Mrs Dalloway
  • The Colour Purple

Books Reviewed on Book Review Circle

The Boys on the Rocks-John Fox

The Road to London-Adriano Bulla

Enduring Love-Ian McEwan

A Boy's Own Story-Edmund White

Something Like Summer-Jay Bell

Maurice-E. M. Forster

Lord of the Flies-William Golding, Review#2

The Color Purple-Alice Walker, Review#2

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