Book Reviewer-Elizabeth Garcia-Leal

Book Reviewer Elizabeth Garcia Leal

My name is Elizabeth Garcia-Leal. I earned my bachelor's degree in Business Management at the University of Phoenix in Phoenix, Arizona. My master's degree focused on Elementary Education EC-6 with an emphasis on Bilingual Education; I received it from Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi. I am currently pursuing my doctoral degree Bilingual Education from Texas A&M University-Kingsville. I am a 4th grade bilingual teacher. As a doctoral student, my research interests include: The Effects of Cooperative Learning Groups on English Language Learners and English Language Learner's Perspective on Cooperative Learning Groups.

Favorite Authors

  • Stephen Krashen 
  • Robert E. Slavin 
  • Jim Cummins 

Favorite Books

  • Languages, Power and Pedagogy:Bilingual Children in the Crossfire by Jim Cummins 
  • Negotiating Identities: Education for Empowerment in a Diverse Society by Jim Cummins 
  • Fundamentals of Language Education by Stephen D. Krashen 

Books Reviewed on Book Review Circle

I Am My Language-Norma Gonzalez

Teaching other people’s children-Cynthia Ballenger

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