Book Reviewer-Rachel Mapp

Book Reviewer Rachel Mapp

A wife and mother, I work full time in a secondary school Maths department as a teaching assistant and I am currently working towards a degree in teaching during an evening. I enjoy baking, especially the eating part and I am addicted to reading for pleasure and escapism. My addiction had recently guided to me to writing reviews on various on-line sites such as, and Although during term-time I can find it difficult to read as much as I would like due to my commitments, I believe that wonderful authors are sometimes missed due to their books being overlooked by the masses and I consider it my role to help push these artists to be wider known.

Favorite Authors

  • Tigris Eden
  • Stephanie Rowe
  • Marie Hall

Favorite Books

  • Darkness Surrendered (Order of the Blade, Book Three) by Stephanie Rowe
  • Enslaved In Shadows by Tigris Eden
  • Acheron by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Books Reviewed on Book Review Circle

Darkness Unleashed-Stephanie Rowe