Book Reviewer: Ridhi Kukreja

“Smile” they say “is the most inexpensive way to improve your looks”, that defines half of me and the other half includes dance, literature, music and lots of writing. Having completed my M.A in English, I am currently taking up some research work on Post colonial literature which has always been my area of interest. I am also learning Hindustani classical music and have a keen interest in learning different dance forms. I love to write my thoughts out and see my self authoring a book or two 10 years down.

Favorite Authors

Khalid Hosseini, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Gregory David Roberts

Favorite books

The Kite Runner, One Hundred Years of Solitude, Shantaram

Books Reviewed on Book Review Circle

Midnight's Children-Salman Rushdie-Review#2

One Hundred years of Solitude-Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Gullivers Travels-Jonathan Swift

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