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Literary Fashion: 2016
January 23, 2017

A new year brings opportunity for new beginnings. In the January of 2017, we begin yet another series of our beloved Book Lovers Club News. Our newsletter has been literary fodder for many enthusiasts who eagerly await every publication.

A big Thank You to this ever increasing subscriber base of Book Lovers Club News. Keep your stream of encouragement flowing through your mails and comments on the site and the Facebook group page.

Let’s begin 2017 with a brief review of the 2 predominant literary trends of 2016.

Literary Fashion-2016

Bob-Dylan The Print vs E-book tug of war: E-books are no longer the fashion craze they used to be. Data from different sources show that e-books sales have dropped from 2014 levels in 2015 and have come further down in 2016. Devices like Kindle and Nook are being used less frequently to buy e-books. The phenomena could be a general pointer to digital fatigue of readers who prefer to snuggle with a printed book after spending several hours on screen professionally.

According to the Codex group survey (click here for a synopsis) percentage of adults who read e-books has fallen from 69% in 2014 to 67% in 2016. Albeit this is a small fall in absolute numbers, but given the rate at which the world is digitizing, the trend is a significant indicator of the declining popularity of e-books.

The Adult Coloring Book: All through 2015 and 2016, we saw how book shops were flooded with adult coloring books. According to adult coloring book sales in US went up from 201k in May 2015 to 1084k in April,2016.(click here for details) And the trend does not seem to abate. Adult coloring books have been linked to relaxation and increased cognitive activity in the elderly in various studies. Whatever be the reason behind their popularity, these books seem set to rule the market for a while. In fact the overall increase in print book sales in 2016 has been linked to the exponential increase in adult coloring book sales.

Book Review Circle gossip

The most sensational literary gossip of 2016 has to be Bob Dylan’s winning the Nobel Prize for Literature. In a world where boundaries are increasingly blurred, music and literature were emulsified in a heady concoction that sent Dylan fans on an ecstatic high. But US novelist Jodi Picoult voiced the concerns of many puritans through her Tweet: "#ButDoesThisMeanICanWinAGrammy?"

Book Review Circle suggested read:

While I am a little disappointed that overall printed books sales have been pushed up by a ‘non-literary trend’, I am eagerly anticipating some upcoming 2017 releases. Chief among them is the posthumous publication of F. Scott Fitzgerald, titled ‘I’d Die for You: And Other Lost Stories’, due in May. This is a collection of 16 finished short stories and 1 unfinished short story by the iconic author of The Great Gatsby.

Test your Literary Quotient

See if you know answers to the following:
  1. Name Bob Dylan’s famous singer wife who has been acclaimed as ‘The Queen of Folk’
  2. When was the first e-book invented?
  3. While Fitzgerald is remembered chiefly for The Great Gatsby, the novel was critically acclaimed only post Fitzgerald’s death. During his lifetime, only 1 novel sold well. Can you name it?


  1. Joan Baez
  2. Michael S. Hart published the first e-book in 1971 called Project Gutenberg
  3. This Side of Paradise
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Ok. I will leave you to munch on that.

Happy reading till we meet again.


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