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Why? Because will be launching it's first ebook this week. Read on to get a pre-launch exclusive sneak peak on the ebookGift a book

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Are you often at a loss when it comes to giving gifts?

Do you always run short of time, money or ideas when it comes to buying gifts?

Are you worried if your gift will communicate your thoughts effectively?

Or if it will present you in the right light?

Or if it will be within your budget?

You can change all that now by following the 101 suggestions mentioned in my e-book ‘Gift a Book: 101 ideas- Ultimate guide to the best giftsGift a Book

Yes that is right. I am hereby announcing the proud launch of the first of our many e-books- Gift a Book: 101 ideas- Ultimate guide to the best gifts

Some of the things that you will find in this book are:

1.    Things to consider before buying a gift    This chapter contains an easy to use reference chart with all the details you need to consider before making your purchase.
2.    The most cherished gift- a book    Why is a book better than other gift items? What are the difficulties in buying the right book and how these difficulties can be overcome? How to make your book gift more valuable than any other gift the person is likely to receive from others.

3.    How to use this list    How to effectively use the list of 101 book gifts. Things to consider, pitfalls to avoid etc.

4.    Birthday     An occasion that requires you to give a gift suitable for the person’s age. If you are making a present to a teenager, you want the gift to be educational without being didactic. If the birthday boy/girl is a mature adult, you would like to give him something more philosophical. If you are at a loss, my list will lessen your worries.

5.    Puberty    A tough time for parents and children alike. While youngsters these days have too much sexual information available around them, all of it may not be consistent with parental values. Some of it may even be confusing. It is very important for parents to be able to communicate the right information along with a set of parental expectations without appearing restrictive at the same time. But very often parents shy away from this awkward responsibility. No worries- my list of useful books will now make this intimidating task seem like a pleasant breeze.

6.    Falling in Love    You want to impress your date without burning a hole in your pocket? What gift is more romantic than a candle light dinner? What gift is more cherished than a string of diamonds? Find out from my book of 101 cool gifting ideas.

7.    Graduation        A time to leave the safe haven of parental protection and launch an individual quest for survival- time to make tough choices, time to test your mettle. What is the ideal gift for this occasion? Which books would help the young graduate make effective life choices? Which books will help shape his personality? Which books can provide a guiding light during tough times? My e-book has the answers.

8.    Marriage    Time to celebrate the beginning of a lifelong journey. But this journey could be fraught with challenges and compromise. You could give the couple a gift that scores a point over all other gifts the couple receives at their wedding- by helping them shape a beautiful life ‘together’. Your gift could serve as the pacifier in their fights or could be the album of their romantic times…want to know how? Find out in my book of 101 book gifting ideas.

9.    Honeymoon        Need a naughty gift for a zesty couple, but scared that your gift may be considered sleazy? If you follow the suggestions mentioned in my book, you will never go wrong- and that is a guarantee.

10.    Anniversary        Need to buy something that the couple will cherish? But want it to be different from other gifts the couple is likely to receive at the party…pick a book gift idea from my list of 101 book gifting ideas- you will be elevated from ‘the detached son-in-law’ to a ‘sensitive son’ in a day’s span Gift a book

11.    Pregnancy/baby shower        Need something that can really cheer your pregnant friend? Want to give something that is funny, informative and useful at the same? Find out how by reading my e-book ‘Gift a Book: 101 ideas- Ultimate guide to the best gifts’.

12.    Tour/journey/travel        A dear friend is about to leave on a long journey? Know someone with a passion for travel? Your relative is worried about troublesome kids during the journey? Know what to gift and to whom by following the guidelines mentioned in my e- book.

13.    Retirement    Is your dad retiring soon and is he worried about his retirement? The suggestions in my e-book can cheer him up.

14.    Death        This is by far the most difficult occasion to choose a gift. You want to communicate your empathy without appearing to be patronizing. You want to comfort the bereaved person but you don’t have the right words to say. Now you don’t need to worry. Find out which books will say it all for you.

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  1. Gift a Book: 101 ideas- Ultimate guide to the best gifts
  2. How to read literature: A literature study guide

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