Before 2011 comes to an end, let me conclude the series on Best Selling Contemporary authors by talking about Stephen King, who is arguably the most successful of the writers we have discussed this year. There is too much information available on the internet about this immensely popular writer. This has made my task of summarizing this author’s story quite challenging. But anyway, here goes:

Stephen King

J K Rowling Born in Portland, Maine in 1947, King and his brother were raised by his mother alone. His father had abandoned them when Stephen was just two years old. Stephen dabbled in writing stories while still in school, contributing articles to Dave’s Rag- a newspaper published by his brother. Today Stephen King is a super-successful writer with 49 novels under his belt. King’s forte is varied- he writes horror, suspense, sci-fi and fantasy fiction.

King has received several awards that mark the highpoint of his career. Prominent among them are Bram Stoker Awards, World Fantasy Awards, British Fantasy Society Awards and The Mystery Writers of America.

If you are a Stephen King fan, here is an interesting activity for you. At the Stephen King website, you can launch a trivia-gaming application called The Office. It enables you to virtually explore Stephen’s office and examine memorabilia from various points in his career. For details or to launch the application you can click here:

Book Review Circle gossip

A mention must be made of King’s pseudonym Richard Bachman. King has used this pseudonym for some of his short novels like Rage, The Long Walk, Roadwork, The Running Man, and Thinner. There are two reasons behind the use of this pseudonym- King was apprehensive that the success that he had achieved was more by fluke than by talent, hence he wanted to test if he could replicate his success again. King also wanted a work-around for the publishing standards of the 1970s and 1980s which limited an author to publishing one book a year.

Book Review Circle suggested read:

11/22/63- Stephen King’s latest novel, published on November 8, 2011

Test your Literary Quotient

See if you know answers to the following
  1. Name the musical album in which Stephen King collaborated with Michael Jackson
  2. Name the book which was co-written by Stephen King and his son Joe Hill
  3. Name Stephen King’s novel due to be published in 2012


  1. Ghosts
  2. Throttle
  3. The Wind Through the Keyhole
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