Many of us would have been hooked-on to the grand spectacle of the British Royal wedding(and its build-up) this past week. In tune with this English mood of the week, let us talk about another popular British export- James Herbert in this month's issue of the Book Lovers Club News.

James Herbert

James HerbertJames Herbert was born in the East End of London- an area synonymous with poverty, overcrowding and crime- in April, 1943. His father had a small shop in the same area. Not much information is available about his childhood and family except that he has two brothers, one- a market trader and the other- an insurance broker. Herbert currently lives in Brighton with his wife and daughters.

Although James Herbert had a lucrative job as an Art director in an advertising firm, he decided to pursue his hobby of writing at the age of twenty eight. His first novel The Rats was published in 1974 at the age of thirty one. The first paperback edition of the novel sold out in three weeks time. Since then Herbert has written 27 novels in the horror fiction genre. While all these novels have made it to best seller lists world wide, Domain seems to be the most popular amongst readers.

Four of Herbert's works have been converted into Hollywood films-The Survivor, The Rats, Haunted, and Fluke. Unfortunately, these film adaptations have not received as much critical acclaim as the novels themselves.

In October 2010, Herbert received an Order of the British Empire(OBE) for Services to Literature. James Herbert has also been awarded The World Horror Convention Grand Master Award in March 2010. Herbert shares this distinction with writers like Stephen King, Anne Rice, Dean Koontz and Brian Lumley.

Book Review Circle gossip

While we marvel at the sheer scale of Herbert's work and his popularity, Herbert himself seems to be pretty insecure about his success. In the book Faces of Fear, he says “I am very insecure about being a writer, I don't understand why I am so successful. And the longer I stay that way, the better it's going to be, because that keeps me on the edge, striving if you like.”

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