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Book Review Circle gossip:

Herta Muller wins the Nobel Prize for Literature,2009

This 56 year old German lady was born in Communist Romania and was part of the minority German community there. She witnessed various forms of racial discrimination against Germans in Romania and her writings talk about the peculiar concerns of racial identity in Romania based Germans. The Swedish Academy has famously referred her work as describing 'the landscape of the dispossessed'. But many readers feel that Muller's writings are too niche and readers are unable to relate to her subjects. After all, not many readers in the present generation have really experienced aggressive racial discrimination.

Book Review Circle suggested read:

The Land of the Green Plums by Herta Muller

Book Review Circle Quiz:

See if you know answers to the following
1.The Nobel Prize is named after which Swedish scientist?
2.When was the first Nobel Prize given out?
3.Who was the first to win the Nobel Prize for Literature?


1.Alfred Nobel
3.René-François-Armand Prudhomme ( I can't pronounce that!)

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