Book: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Author: Roald Dahl

Rating: 3.5

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory-Roald Dahl

Charlie Bucket and his family are poor. And honest. And likeable. And in the time-honoured tradition of poor/honest/likeable folks, Charlie goes through the usual pangs of hunger, desperation and out-of-reach cravings before he finally hits pay-dirt (read: chocolate). There is also a candy maker - Mr.Willy Wonka. Mr.Wonka is an eccentric genius who owns the greatest chocolate factory in the world. But fear of rivals and spies has made him keep the factory hidden from public-eye. Then one fine day, Mr.Wonka holds a contest where five Golden Tickets are hidden under the wrappers of his candy bars. Whoever finds them will win: a daylong tour of the factory and a lifetime’s supply of Wonka treats! After several nearly-there moments, Charlie Bucket wins the fifth ticket. And thus begins the madcap tour.

Social/Historical context:

When Roald Dahl was eight years old, he used to attend a boarding school near Derby. The reputed chocolate firm, Cadbury would occasionally hand out new types of chocolates to the students and ask the blissful children to rate them. Dahl, who was one of those lucky students, would often fantasize about working in the lab where these chocolates were created. Many years down the line, this childhood fantasy would culminate into the hugely popular, best-seller 'Charlie and The Chocolate Factory'.

Writing Style:

The book has been written in the third person. The dialogue is edgy and witty. Mr. Willy Wonka’s whacky personality is exemplified by his frequent outbursts and nonsensical vocabulary. Weird words are the order of the day and gems like “hornswoggles”, “snozzwangers” and the like are sure to tickle the fancy of young readers.

My Thoughts:

I won’t say that I loved the book to bits and pieces. What I did do though was root for poor Charlie Bucket. The gentle lad had a truly miserable start, what with squalid living conditions and poverty that was crushing him and the family into extinction. He received a chocolate bar only ONCE a year and had the added torture of living in a town where the greatest chocolate factory in the world existed. So when he finally won the fifth Golden Ticket, I did a happy little jig in my head. Things were looking up. So what if there were still some nasty gits in the form of four obnoxious, badly behaved co-winners? I had faith in little Charlie and more importantly, Mr. Dahl. The author has a talent for making villains receive their comeuppance with wit, sarcasm and enough slapstick humor to make kids chortle with glee and adults smirk with dark satisfaction. The book is highly recommended for those who: a)love chocolate like a first-born b)are prone to flights-of-fancy c)will root for the underground, cheering him on as he faces tribulations and emerges victorious in the end.

Book Reviewed By Namratha Kumar

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good book 
but the kind of sample review i am looking for is one that doesn't give the story away but i loved the movie and the book was very descriptive

yes it was nice Not rated yet
it showed how a little boy is struggling and waiting for the day when he recieves something he waits for a year..te book stands some place in sarcasm and …

mediocre Not rated yet
I feel that the book was too much fantasy based. kids need to face reality as well.

Yes Not rated yet
This book(as mentioned above)used such good description I couldn't stop reading it.

Yes Not rated yet
Yes because ive already seen the film Chalie and the chocolate factory and although ive seen the action,it was better than the film slightly, simply because …

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