Book: Chase(Alyssa Donovan Series #1)

Author: Tracie Gerardi

Rating: 4.5/5

Chase-Tracie GerardiSummary: An action-packed roller-coaster ride,following NYPD Homicide Detective Alyssa Donovan and her partner, Jack Keller. The first in a series, Chase provides an intricately woven history for the heroine, and details the relationships with the other characters. The plot focuses on Donovan getting tangled up in some death-defying situations to save her partner's life, which exposes secrets, lies, betrayal, and a hidden romance. Get this e-book now at a very low price.

Social/Historical context: The author paints a fairly accurate picture of present day New York City, complete with sense-tickling descriptions of smells, tastes, and of course, sights that one would see in Manhattan (including a less-than-sanitary sojourn into a subway tunnel). Technological gadgets and social-networking references litter the pages, making the reader feel a part of the "here and now" of the characters.

ten dollarsWriting Style: In a fresh and contemporary style, Gerardi writes with wit, sarcasm, emotion, and a depth that rivals most crime authors of the day. Her youth is evident in the vernacular, and each character has a fully realized personality that flows with their dialogue. Gripping the pages of the book as they turn, hoping the tension subsides, one finds that the story has pulled them in and refuses to let go, the ease of the novel's language making it an easy fall.

My Thoughts: I simply could not put the book down. At parts, it is slightly cliche, but never predictable, and every chapter ends with a cliffhanger, making me excited and eager to keep flipping the pages. I followed the author on Twitter as soon as I could, and upon hearing of book two's release (reviewed in another post) I immediately downloaded it to my Nook, then bought the paperback copy! Simply amazing piece of work; I urge you all to read it if you enjoy thriller/mystery/detective fiction.

Book Reviewed by Jaclyn M. Yert

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