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classical literature reading list I am often surprised to see so many people undecided about their English literature reading list. So many people just don't seem to know what books to read next. To me the choice has been very simple always. Let me share how and why.

First of all, for my english literature reading list, I choose to go only by well established critical opinion. So for my classic literature reading list, I will consult the must read literature list provided by places like book-review-circle.com. or wikipedia These websites are authorities in their own field and if they have placed a book recommendation, then the book must definitely worth my time.

classic literature reading listDeciding my must read classic literature list is relatively simpler than deciding my contemporary literature reading list. Classic literature usually gets adequate critical attention compared to best sellers or even contemporary literary prize winners.

But my rule for picking up contemporary literature is the same that decides my classical literature reading list. I usually go for the prize winners. So I will pick up books that have won the Booker or the Nobel. That ways I can be assured that my investment of time in reading the book will give me some literary value at least. So, following the same rule, for my must read list of American literature I would consult the Pulitzer prize winners and for my French literature reading list I would go by the Prix Goncourt. It is as simple as that :-)

english literature reading listIf I must pick up best sellers then I go by sales numbers. Which books have had chart busting sales in recent history? Book-review-circle.com gives me such a fabulous list. I don't have to do any research on my own.
But sometimes you want to read books in a certain literary genre only. You may want to read only thrillers or romances. It is most likely that such literary genres have only best-sellers in them and do not include many classics. Most literary authorities advice readers to refrain from such categorized reading because it limits learning. Authors who cater to such markets usually come up with superfluous content that doesn't contain much literary value. In fact book-review-circle.com has a freely available literature study guide that contains a good argument on what books to include in your must-read list.
So when it comes to deciding your reading list, decide with care. Go by established critical opinion, it is more valuable than peer group opinions and you are less likely to go wrong.

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