Book: Fear

Author: Michael Grant

Rating: 5/5

Fear-Michael Grant

California! Wouldn’t everyone want to live there? Well in this case, you’d rather be living on the moon without a spacesuit than living in Perdido Beach, California. One day, the whole beach was surrounded instantaneously by an electric dome, 20 miles in diameter. Not only that, but some of those kids start developing supernatural powers. Did I mention that all the kids over the age of 14 disappeared? This is the basic plot that occurs in the first couple of books in the series, but in order to understand Fear, I recommend reading the first books. Fear by Michael Grant is one of his many amazing dystopian styled fantasy books. Fear is the fifth book of the six book series: Gone. After the sickly disease passes in the previous book: Plague, fear starts to take over the haywire town of Perdido Beach. Ever since the dome appeared, it made illusions of the outside world, providing sun and light. Nevertheless, this new world is not normal. A dark stain starts creeping up the dome. Doesn’t sound like much of a problem right? It’s like a stain on a t-shirt! But, imagine your stained t-shirt becoming more stained and more stained until it completely turns colour. Then, your t-shirt is ruined! Well that is exactly the problem of the dome; it will become completely dark. No sun and no light; the entire dome will go dark. To add even more problems, an immortal man with a whip for hand, a girl that has the power to make you hallucinate stronger than drugs, a girl who is about to give birth to the most powerful person in their world, and talking coyotes all lurk in the dark forest surrounding the beach. What will the children do?

Social/Historical context:

Fear is set in the present time, in California. Well, rather a more ravaged and destroyed, small dysfunctional area of California, now run by 14 year olds. It makes you think: what if this really happened? Could I take care of myself in a world with no government or protection? This is just another thing that Grant does so well.

Writing Style:

Grants writing style incorporates many unique styles of figurative language and incredible detail. For every character, there is an amazing description that makes the story considerably better. He writes all the books in the Gone series in 3rd person limited.

My Thoughts:

Again and again, Grant pulls off an excellent mix of a violent fantasy story which are both my favorite styles. In this book, you cannot help but recoil in disgust. There is not a single dull moment; the whole book is action packed right from the get-go. The Gone series is still my favorite series of all time, due to the fact that Grant continues to deliver promising content with every book. I would recommend Fear to anyone over the age of 12 due to the repetitive amount of violence.

Book Reviewed By Kevin Faraday

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