Book: Flash Burnout

Author: L.K. Madigan

Rating: 1/5

Flash Burnout-L.K. Madigan

Flash Burnout, a novel by L.K. Madigan is a terrible book I recently read. It tells the story of a 15-year-old schoolboy, Blake Hewey, who enjoys photography and his life with two girls. One is his girlfriend, and one is his classmate who needs help with her family struggles. Blake tells the story in a half feeling of love for his girlfriend, and half sympathy for his fellow classmate, which ultimately ends up in a twist. The reader follows Blake in his everyday life, showing his separate interactions and experiences with the two girls.

Social/Historical context:

Flash Burnout is set in Portland Oregon in current times. Blake is in a wealthy middle class family. The author writes in a very “teenage text” type of writing, trying to appeal to the target audience but failing miserably. I honestly had no idea what the theme was. There were some choices that the main character made, but the author really dampened what could be the only interesting part.

Writing Style:

The author used too much slang saying made up words like (omygodomygodomygod…) that the language wasn’t enjoyable. Blake tells the story through his perspective, but I couldn’t believe that someone could narrate their life in such a dull manner, as he begins every sentence with “I…”. Blake completely downplayed everything he did. Perhaps the only interesting bit is that Blake’s own family members are all very different from each other, but the author did not develop them at all! If the characters were something at a theme park, they would be a line to a broken rollercoaster.

My Thoughts:

I personally really did not like this book. Some events are very irrelevant and unnecessary and provide absolutely no use in the book. There is a far too in depth explanation of his (let’s say to keep this appropriate) romantic affairs with the two girls. The ending is as abrupt as a car stopping crashing and seems like the author put no effort in coming up with a proper, reasonable ending. I thought about putting the book down, forever, many times, and the only reason I didn’t was to read the photography tips sewn into the text, which weren’t even helpful. I would recommend this book to only someone with a very dirty mind, as I found many of the “jokes” very atrocious and ‘un funny’. It really was that ‘un enjoyable’. All in all, Flash Burnout was a very bad book, and I would not think twice about reading it again.

Book Reviewed By Jack Anderson

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