Book: Graphics Essentials for Small Offices

Author: David Loeff

Rating: 5/5

Graphics Essentials for Small Offices-David LoeffSummary: Although many books have been written about graphic design, most are intended to be read by designers in training or those already established in careers. This handbook is intended for people who encounter graphics either through their jobs or through the needs of their organizations. Such people don’t need to become experts, but they do need to understand the basics either to produce graphics themselves or to work effectively with graphic designers. The handbook covers basic graphics concepts, identifies problems that beginners frequently encounter, and clarifies the differences between graphics file formats. It also provides guidance for budgeting graphics projects and for working with commercial printers. Concise and reader friendly, “Graphics Essentials for Small Offices” is a priced-right title that will quickly have you up to speed. Get this e-book now at a very low price.

Social/Historical context: Intended for: small business owners, Administrative assistants who need to become savvy in graphics, non-profit organizations, anyone with a limited marketing budget.

ten dollarsWriting Style: It’s written in simple language and illustrated. It’s concise. It covers the basics you need to know. No fluff included.

My Thoughts: During seven years of providing computer technical support, I learned that artistic students were sometimes baffled by technical issues that could be easily explained. During five years working with a sewn goods manufacturer, I learned that talented designers sometimes don’t know how to design in ways that cut manufacturing costs. While working in the non-profit sector, I learned that well educated professionals sometimes knew little about graphics and marketing. Taking all this into consideration, I tried to write a handbook that would steer novices toward producing effective graphics while avoiding hidden cost icebergs.

Book Reviewed by David Loeff

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