Book: Home (Alyssa Donovan Mysteries #2)

Author: Tracie Gerardi

Rating: 5/5

Home-Tracie GerardiSummary:We, once again, find ourselves on the heels of Alyssa Donovan and Jack Keller as they scour the city for clues in a horribly bloody murder. So bloody, in fact, that the medical examiner is slightly ill by the time she's done with the scene. The case leads them down a "yellow-brick road" to another case, and then another, when Donovan realizes the cases are connected and they're dealing with a serial killer. Get this e-book now at a very low price.

Social/Historical context: Peppered with references to Judy Garland, The Wizard of Oz, and all things 1940's, this second installment in the series is meant for movie buffs who also love to get lost in a great mystery! Like the first, each chapter brings with it a twist, a turn, a new bit of evidence. Every time the killer is assumed, Donovan and Keller flip the coin and prove the assumption wrong.

ten dollarsWriting Style: Gerardi's wit and sarcasm shine, yet again, and the vivid descriptions make it easy to visualize the people and places, as if the reader is fighting to solve the crime along with the heroine. Slang, accents, humor, and a twinge of vulgarity add to the realism of the novel. Gerardi's character's speak like real people, the dialogue is not overtly contrived, but wording and phrasing one would really hear in conversation, given the situation.

My Thoughts: Another ball hit out of the park by Gerardi. Home, and all of its great pop-culture references, had me biting lips and nails to finish, and finish fast. I laughed, I cried, I loved every word. The surprise ending, which leaves the reader anxiously waiting (even begging!)for book three, left my mouth agape in shock. If you're looking for an amazing read, a stellar mystery, look no further than Home.

Book Reviewed by Jaclyn M. Yert

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