I am Malala

Malala Yousafzai

Rating: 4/5

I am Malala-Malala Yousafzai

Malala was a girl born in Pakistan where being a boy is worshiped. Everyone was disappointed when it was a girl except for the father. He thought she was special and named her after Malalai of Maiwand, a woman cherished by Afghanistan. No one thought she deserved that name as a girl who had done nothing. As Malala grew up the rules of what women could and couldn’t do became very clear. She turned very against the fact that she is limited to her options. She wanted to go to school and have the same opportunities as men. When she speaks loudly about it she becomes targeted by the Taliban. The Taliban is a group of citizens that made the rules about females and their rights. Malala takes no precaution and proceeds in going to school. One day when she is coming home from school she gets shot by a man that takes a part in the Taliban. The fellow girls on the bus check her pulse and confirm that she is alive. As they arrive at the hospital no one seems to be helping. They have bigger priorities, men. Will she make an impact on the world by surviving a bullet or being compressed by one?

Social/Historical context:

This book states a clear message; women should have the same rights men. This book is set in modern time but her message and the way she portrays how big of a struggle it was, made an impact to change history. At times she make it can sound like it was a long time ago.

Writing Style:

This book is written in first person narrative although she talks about her family's history. The way she words things and portrays her events and things that happened makes me understand her frustration with not being allowed to do whatever she wants.

My Thoughts:

This book takes a while to start up although it is a fantastic book. At the beginning I was uninterested as to what was going on. As it goes more in depth it becomes a page turner where I can’t put it down. The vivid words she used and the poems at each divider really make you connect to her and her life. This book is extremely educational and a good read for all ages. I look forward to maybe rereading it.

Book Reviewed by Caitlin Mohseni-Downing

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