Ally Condie

Rating: 4.5/5

Matched-Ally Condie

Matched is a fascinating book based around a society where everything is monitored closely and made as “perfect” as can be. As part of this “perfect” custom, whom they chose to marry and have kids with was also chosen by the society. The main character, Cassia, has grown up her whole life following the harmless rules of the society. Her matching goes well, but when she gets her micro card with her match’s picture on it, there is the already chosen match, and another boy. We follow her confused thoughts throughout the story, as she is conflicted between following her heart or the law. The book is set in the future, writing is forgotten, and technology is very advanced, giving the reader detailed insight in where the story is set. The captivating, secret keeping boy gives Cassia some daring thoughts about the society, and changing her forever.

Social/Historical context:

This book depicts our society in a dramatic way; it shows how the government and the officials are controlling the people in our country, and what it might be like in a few centuries. If you believe in this kind of portrayal of the future or not, it’s nice to know what other might think about it, and how it differs from your beliefs.

Writing Style:

Matched shown through Cassia Reyes, and seeing it through her eyes gives you a clear understanding of how it is like to live for the people in the society. This gives depth to the reader about her emotions and what she feels while she is “trapped” inside her community. The language the author chooses is similar to a serious version of a complicated life a teenager would hold. As the story moves on, the way she speaks becomes more mature and can get grim at times.

My Thoughts:

I found this story gripping and suspenseful, and it kept me going through the book at a very fast pace. It felt as if I could be living there with her in the society, and experiencing everything she was experiencing. At times I lost this connection, which was disappointing, but it always picked up again at other times. In the beginning it can sometimes be a bit slow, as there is a small introduction to Cassia’s thoughts. If you like light romance and adventure, this book is perfect, and I believe it can be intriguing to all kinds of readers, and ages.

Book reviewed by Colette Duelli

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