Book: Mein Kampf

Author:Adolf Hitler

Rating: 3.5/5

Mein Kampf-Adolf Hitler

The book is Hitler's autobiographical work with emphasis on his philosophy regarding the state and politics. The book opens up how one of the most barbarian dictators in the history of mankind thought and justified his actions. It is known to everyone that Hitler molded the way history books as we see them today and committed one of the gravest crimes on the mankind, but what this book reveals is the underlying fuel that propelled this man. Its his beliefs and perspective towards the German nation that made him choose the specific political path. 

Hitler writes how the basic fundamentals of politics and society took shape in his mind starting from his very childhood and through his youth. His distaste towards parliamentary democracy is openly shown and he proves how such a system has brought upon the degradation of the political body of the nation and is incapable of doing any good. He states that the basic issue with parliamentary democracy is accountability since it can not be ascertained to a single person.

Hitler is a steadfast nationalist and in this book of his, he charts the way forward for the great German State. In the competition to gain more land and resources he clearly states that a nation needs to go out and acquire external land. He also professes that man should not come in the way of natural selection of the strongest and maintains that artificial means to stop population growth lowers the strength of the nation since in a natural selection process only the strongest would have survived in the competition. He also debates how only Aryan race is capable of fueling the progress of mankind and that the Jews have been working endlessly in order to dominate the human race and in doing so they use corrupt means of manipulating the societal structure in various nations. He clearly states that if Germany wants to reach its destiny, Jews need to be eradicated from the nation.

In the latter part of the book, he shows how he joins the German Labour Party and spearheads the youth movement to awaken the German nation. The party becomes increasingly popular under dynamic leadership of Hitler and his flare for public speaking come to fore in this struggle to gain political stature.

Social/Historical context:

The book is a window into the life in Germany at the time of World War I and post that. It gives a perspective from the other side. The book is a piece of document that shows how a dictator can think and pushes you to believe that it is not entirely wrong what Hitler thought. The social structure in Germany and the segments of the society are clearly shown through the eyes of Hitler. 

The book also presents political structure of Germany at that time and the lacunae that existed in the system along with the strategies of propaganda employed by the French during WWI. The manipulation of public sentiments by Hitler helps reveal the emotions of the mass and how the social conditions in Germany helped him take advantage.

Writing Style:

The book is written in a very straight forward manner without any diplomacy. As expected from someone like Hitler, the writing style is compelling and thought provoking. It almost convinces the reader towards Hitler's way of thinking. The writing is easy to understand and very direct.

My Thoughts:

When I started reading this book, I didn't know what the contents are exactly, I knew just that Hitler had written it and expected it to reveal the inner world of the Dictator. The book was up to the expectation and has provided great insight. The only part that may trouble some of the readers is that the book demands a certain historical knowledge in order to fully appreciate the contents.

Book Reviewed by Manish Kumar

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