Book: Notes from the Midnight Driver

Author: Jordan Sonnenblick

Rating: 4/5

Notes from the Midnight Driver-Jordan Sonnenblick

Notes From the Midnight Driver, a drama for young adults by Jordan Sonnenblick tells about a boy named Alex who learns about responsibility from an old man named Sol. In the beginning Alex gets drunk and takes his moms car. He gets into trouble and his punishment is to work at the nursing home with Sol Lewis who is sick with emphysema, for one hundred hours. Alex’s parents are divorced, so he mostly talks to Laurie (his best friend) for advice. Alex decides to play guitar for Sol to make him quiet and Sol actually likes the guitar, the reason is that he used to play the guitar as we find out at a concert Alex puts on. The guitar brings Alex and Sol closer and they do another concert together. As the story goes on all the characters realize their responsibility in life.

Social/Historical context:

The themes in this book are friendship, responsibility, family problems, and self-perception. The author wrote this book to show teenagers that drunk driving is not ok but also to tell people that they should care for old people and help them when they need help. He wrote this book mostly for young adults. The people who would benefit from this book would be everyone that reads it. Teenagers would benefit from this book because they would learn some lessons in how to take responsibility for their actions. It might teach them not to drink and drive. Adults would benefit from this book because they would learn not to fight around their kids because it makes their kids depressed and do stupid things.

Writing Style:

This book is in first person narrator. Alex is speaking. The titles in this chapter are unique because the title of the chapter goes along with that chapter. So it is foreshadowing something in that chapter. The author developed the characters really well because he made Laurie the tough one and Alex the weak one. But Alex got tougher because of Laurie. The vocabulary in this book was interesting because Sol was Jewish so there were a lot of Yiddish sayings in there. Teenagers reading this book will understand it because Laurie and Alex talk like teenagers. They don’t use a lot of big words.

My Thoughts:

Overall I liked the book because it was very easy to understand. There were some parts I didn’t like about it but that’s like a lot of the books I read. This book affected me by making me realize people are important and people should care about their elders because someday they might be in the same place that there in and they would want people to care about them. I think this book was an eye opening book. It was very easy to relate to Alex in a couple of ways. The first would be because I know what it’s like to struggle at music. The second is I know what he feels like when Sol yells at him. I have a grandpa that is just like Sol. I also know that my grandpa is just trying to fix my mistakes. The author did a really good job at describing everything. The only weird thing that I feel is they went into the most detail about the judge then anyone. The object that they went into very good description was their drink on New Year’s Eve, you could make it yourself. I would recommend this book to others because they might learn something. There are a lot of places to learn in this book.

Book Reviewed by Natasha Reetz

Notes From the Midnight Driver-Jordan Sonnenblick-Review#2

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