Perfect gift ideas for everyone

gift a bookEvery individual is different and has different likes and dislikes. It is natural then that gifts selected for different individuals will vary according to taste, age and occasion. The gift giver is often in a dilemma about the perfect gift choice for different gifting occasions as well as for different individuals. As a result there is usually a lot of guess-work involved in choosing the gift item- usually revolving around the receiver’s likes and dislikes. The result of this guess-work may not be positive all the time.

However this guess-work is not always necessary. Gifts can be tailor-made to become perfect gifts for any occasion and for any individual if only a few gifting rules are understood. gift bookFor example, gifts for kids need to be fun and educational at the same time. Gifts for men, on the other hand, would be ideal if they cater to his hobby or provide him utility. Women would be pleased if the gift is aesthetic or stimulates their soft skills. Gifts for girls need to be aesthetic and fun at the same time.

Gifting rules like these make the activity of gifting more predictable and easier, at the same time they increase the perceived value of the gift in the eyes of the receiver.Book gifts are especially versatile in achieving all these qualities of an ideal gift. Books are valued as gifts for almost every gifting occasion. From birthdays to retirement parties- there is bound to be a book that makes a perfect gift for any occasion.

book giftBook gifts are ignored as gift items because gift givers often lack the knowledge and judgment required to select good books as gifts. The book universe is huge. Few people keep a tab of the latest book releases or the latest bestsellers to make informed choices before their buy.

But gift buyers need not remain in this uncertainty any more. ‘Gift a book-101 ideas : Ultimate guide to the best gifts’ is a fabulous ready reference guide that helps you generate perfect gift ideas for almost every gifting occasion.

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