Marie Lu

Rating: 4/5

Prodigy-Marie Lu

Prodigy, the second in the Legend series by Marie Lu, is set in the same dystopian environment as Legend, her first book. However, in the second book, we are introduced to the idea of other colonies, apart from the split, war-torn United States (The Republic and the Colonies). Prodigy, which refers to the two main characters Day and June being prodigies for their time, pits Day and June against the Republic that they both grew up in. Joining sides with the Patriots, spies from the Colonies, Day and June attempt to both kill the new head of Republic (Elector) and rescue Day’s brother Eden from the Republics labs. While leading the new Elector to the arranged assassination point, June discovers that the Elector could be the change that the Republic needs. To reinforce this, the Elector frees Eden from Republic captivity. This muddled the plan even further, with Day unsure of what side he is really on.

Social/Historical context:

Prodigy is set in the future version of Earth, like the previous book, and the world has been split and destroyed from natural disasters, global warming, and war. In the first book, Lu paints the rest of the world as either scorched or flooded, either way uninhabitable. Prodigy shows us that there are actual other settlements; which happen to be doing better than the US. Lu once again uses the possible future of a destroyed planet where the countries must separate in order to survive to promote peace and protection of Earth.

Writing Style:

Marie Lu uses a specific writing style, identical to the first book however, where she engages readers by swapping perspectives throughout the story (every chapter). This reveals more in-depth thoughts and realizations of the story. This also shows the world that Prodigy is set in from the eyes of someone from a poor sector and someone from a rich sector, two sides of the same coin, if you will.

My Thoughts:

This book was almost identical to the first one, save for the story. This is good, since I quite liked the first one. Even so, I found that I preferred the first book over the second, reason being that the second book focussed more on the growing romantic relationship between Day and June. Personally, I would’ve preferred more action scenes over the dialogue and romance filled scenes I received. That being said, the series is still one of my favourites and the action scenes I did receive partly made up for it. Overall, I rate this book a 4/5.

Book Reviewed by Ryan Quan

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