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Read Book ReviewsWhy should you read book reviews? That is, apart from seeking help for doing your homework. This article gives you plenty of reasons to read book reviews.

First of all, reading reviews makes sense only for people who love reading books in the first place. If you are not interested in pleasure reading, reading book reviews will seem like a daunting and unnecessary task to you.

But given that you like reading for pleasure, it is important for you to make a good reading list for yourself. A good reading list ensures that you spend your reading time optimally, in pursuit of knowledge that is up to your taste and critically acclaimed at the same time. The book universe is so huge that it is impossible for any individual to complete reading all the books that are available even in his favorite genre. Therefore, it is only prudent that you select the names in your reading list with care.

Read Book Reviews OnlineBook reviews help you make intelligent choices for your reading list by giving you an advance sneak peak into the plot of the book. Moreover, a good book review contains critical notes on the book's literary merit, writing style and social-historical context as well. Therefore it is a good indicator of whether the book is going to be worth your time or not.

Now, in this context, one must be careful about the kind of book reviews one reads. Some reviews are very erudite. They are mostly written by professors or scholars. Such reviews often end up putting off the regular reader simply because the regular reader does not dissect a literary text to such a minute detail. A regular reader reads mostly for the pleasure of getting to know the story, for the thrill in the plot and to fall in love with the characters in the novel. Read Book ReviewsFor such readers, reviews made by other fellow readers make most sense. Fortunately, provides just the right platform for readers to review books and publish them online for the benefit of other readers.

If you want to read free book reviews online at your convenience, then is just the right place for you. This website provides a huge number of academic book reviews that have been written by regular readers like you and me. So without being erudite, the reviews tell you whether the books contain any merit or not.

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