Retirement Gift Ideas

gift a bookRetirement can bring joy as well as sadness to the person who is about to face it. Therefore choosing a gift for this occasion can be tricky. But after reading this article you will be able to come up with great retirement gift ideas yourself.

Well predictably, I am going to suggest that you gift a book to the person who is about to retire. Yes, gift a book even if you know that the person who is about to receive the gift is not passionate about reading. My reasons for suggesting a book are many:

  • Books, the right ones that is, are a safe choice as gifts. They can bring joy, and relaxation without costing a bomb
  • Books have the power to evoke the right emotions in the receiver. If you want the receiver to be thoughtful, the right book will do so. If you want him to laugh, again the right book will do so
  • Books can be cherished long after they have been gifted. Flowers wither, clothes wear off, appliances go out of fashion. But a book is for the keeps. It stays on long after the celebration is over
  • Gifting a book makes you look erudite and sophisticated.

Thus you must be able to choose the right book gift for retirement. Books that deal with any of the following would make great retirement gift ideas:
  • one that is full of activities that a retired person can undertake in his leisure time. The spare time associated with retirement can come as a shock for someone who is used to busy days. An activity book could help fill at least some of his spare time.
  • one that is full of retired person jokes. Having a sense of humor about one's situation is healthy.

  • gift a bookone that has financial advice for a retired person. Without a regular source of income, retirement could call for careful financial planning. A good book could help him do so.

  • one that has spiritual advice for the elderly. Post retirement is a good time to devote to God and charity. These are things that many people do not find the time for, in their working days

  • one that has health advice for the elderly. Health is an area that needs increasing attention after 50. A retired person, likely to be in his 60s, could sure use a piece of health advice

So choose a book that contains any of the above and you should be able to make a fabulous retirement gift. If you need further advice on retirement gift ideas read my e-book: ‘Gift a book-101 ideas : Ultimate guide to the best gifts’. Click here to know more.

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