Book: She Is Not Invisible

Author: Marcus Sedgwick

Rating: 5/5

She Is Not Invisible-Marcus Sedgwick

Laureth is a 16 year old blind girl living in London with her younger brother Benjamin, her mom, and her dad. Her dad is an author who is obsessed with coincidences. Laureth checks her dad's emails regularly to save him some time and earn some extra pocket money. One day, when her dad is off on a business trip to Europe and Laureth finds an email that makes her suspicious. It's from someone named Mr. Walker in New York and it says that he has found one of her dad's precious notebooks that hold all of his ideas for future books. Laureth buys two tickets to New York. She and Benjamin manage to board a plane, land, and get into a taxi all by themselves. Soon they find their dads hotel but he has vanished. Laureth and Benjamin meet Mr. Walker and with his help, they keep putting the pieces of the puzzle together. Eventually a man threatening them with a knife confronts them because he wants the code to the safe in their dad’s apartment. The thief thinks that there is jewelry in the safe. He followed Laureth and Benjamin back to the apartment. Laureth told Benjamin to smash all the lights in the building so that the thief couldn't see anything. Laureth went through the whole book blind, she got through airport security, found her way around New York, and was okay when the man threatened them with a knife all without being able to see anything. Because she used her disability to her advantage by taking away the thieves vision, she was able to find her way more easily than he could.

Social/Historical context:

Laureth grew as a character because she no longer sees her blindness as a flaw. In the beginning of the book, she wants to be normal and independent. By the end of the book she realizes that she is independent because of her blindness. She also recognizes that no one is normal because everyone has struggles in life that they need to overcome and blindness is just one of hers. Laureth is no longer ashamed by her blindness or tries to hide it because it is part of who she is and helps her grow as a person. Laureth’s character shows you that you should embrace and learn from your differences.

Writing Style:

The author has written this book in first person. Therefore, she only describes Laureth’s surroundings through smell and sound rather than sight. This lets the reader connect more with Laureth because you can get a better idea of what the world is like for her.

My Thoughts:

She is not invisible by Marcus Sedgwick is an inspirational book about overcoming a challenge and thinking positively about whatever situation you are in. I strongly recommend this captivating and moving book.

Book Reviewed By Caitie McCullough

She Is Not Invisible-Marcus Sedgwick-Review#1

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