Book: Stage(Alyssa Donovan Series #4)

Author: Tracie Gerardi

Rating: 5/5

Stage-Tracie Gerardi

When a Tony Winning actor is found dead, fingers begin to point in a hundred different directions from stagehands to ex-lovers to socialites. Manhattan Homicide Detective Alyssa Donovan and her partner Jack Keller follow the evidence to a few dead ends and find themselves caught in a psychopath's performance of a lifetime. Tracie Gerardi does it again with her thrillingly descriptive writing, her stellar cast of characters, and her roller coaster plot. 

Social/Historical context:

Taking us into the cutthroat, diva-riddled, drama-filled world of Broadway, Gerardi shows us what life...and the theater are truly like, on stage and off. Modern technology makes it's way into the script, characters using social networking and smart phones keeps the reader feeling connected to the story. 

Writing Style:

Modern and colloquial, easy to follow, enticing, and bone-chilling, her flow never falters and from page-to-page the reader is brought deeper into the story. 

My Thoughts:

This has to be my favorite of the series thus far, owing to the breathtaking twist at the end, involving both my personal favorite character and one the audience hasn't had time to love or hate. The cliffhanger at the end of this installment gave me goosebumps and I have contacted the author via her website, asking for an advanced copy of her next book! I just can't wait! 

Book Reviewed by Jaclyn M. Yert

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