Book: The Last Race

Author: Jai Prakash Dangwall

Rating: 4/5

The Last Race-Jai Prakash DangwalSummary: “The Last Race” is a fiction about William's family who owns a horse farm and dreams of winning an international horse race. He loves his wife Nancy and his two children, but their life goes upside down by the entry of a handsome and mysterious man, Henry. Suddenly many intriguing incidents start occurring one after another which disturb the peace of the family. Henry who already has two children, Shan and Tanya, claims that he would give Nancy her third child, which is shocking to the couple. In this hard time Father Albert and a unique character Jacob the handler help Nancy by giving her great moral support. Get this e-book now at a very low price.

Social/Historical context: This novel is based on a global theme which touches upon some sensitive social issues. It draws out interesting incidents from different strata of the society. The author has beautifully illustrated the value of life and the will to survive which exists in all human beings.

ten dollarsWriting Style:The author has a very well thought of plot backed with a theme which is beautifully presented in a simple language. The author has the ability to maintain the interest of the reader by holding the suspense right from the first chapter and not revealing it until the last chapter.

My Thoughts: I completely enjoyed reading The Last Race. When compared with the contemporary authors, I feel that it is a very different book with a novel theme. The book has a mixture of all the entertaining factors. It shows the glimpse of paranormal incidents, has some very original portions of brilliant humor and the suspense captivates you right from page one. The characters are very interesting and unique. In all, the book touches one’s mind and soul. The entire work shows the brilliance of Mr. Dangwal's creativity. I certainly see it as a breakthrough in Indian writing.

Book Reviewed by Vidya Roshan

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