The Long Return

Bob Porter

Rating: 3.5/5

The Long Return-Bob Porter

The book, "The Long Return" by Bob Porter, is a nonfiction book about Porter and his time as a bomb aimer in the RCAF (Royal Canadian Air Force) during the Second World War. When the war begins, Porter jumps onto the list for the Air Force. After he gets accepted, he goes through a little over a year of training, and successfully becomes a Bomb Aimer on a classic Lancaster Bombing Plane. However, as it is the Second World War, things do not go well, his plane explodes at 20,000 feet and Porter finds himself stranded with the Dutch Underground (who are a very large group of rebels who take it upon themselves to protect and host refugees in their own homes. They also participated in many planned rebellious acts against the Germans which helped greatly to win the war.) in Holland for seven months. Although he lives to tell the tale, what he goes through, is a true description of going to Hell and back.

Social/Historical context:

Bob Porter went through a lot, and the places he went to vary throughout the book. Whether he's home in Canada signing up to be in the Air Force, or barely surviving his plane explosion, he still pulls through, and managed to recreate the thrilling story that many others shared during the Second World War.

Writing Style:

The writing style throughout the book was odd; there were many references to things that happened in the near and far future as well as writing that somehow morphed a World War II book into a more kid friendly story. The story was of course in the first person, since porter is the one who experienced it first hand.

My Thoughts:

Although it was more childish than I would've liked, the story was quite consistent because there was always something to talk about next, for life back then was serious at an extreme level. I always find that reading these sorts of books is almost like paying tribute to those who lost there lives to protect their country, and to fight for the peace and freedom we now live with today. This book satisfied my desire to understand more of what the Second World War was like, and I would recommend it to anyone who has that same feeling.

Book Reviewed by Charlie Rose

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