Book: The Unwanteds

Author: Lisa McMann

Rating: 4.5/5

The Unwanteds-Lisa McMann

Imagine this, you just turned thirteen years old. You get summoned to the town square in Quill, where creativity is frowned upon like the rest of the thirteen year olds. There you get labeled as wanted, necessary, or unwanted. The wanted children are able to get a better education and train to join the quillitary (their form of a military). The necessaries are sent to work on the farms and do the manual labour of the city. The Unwanteds are sent to their death on the death farm. Alex Stowe and his twin brother turned thirteen a little while ago, and the next reaping was coming up. Alex must leave his brother, for he was selected as unwanted. His brother however was wanted by Quill. As Alex gets sent to the death farm, he gets dropped off at a nice place named Artime, where the children are told to express their creativity and to practice using magic. The wanted brother ends up going to the quillitary. Little do the two brothers know that a war is about to break out.

Social/Historical context:

This book relates to society outside of the story world. The people who aren’t liked are shunned and sent away. The necessaries are sent to do the work and labour. The people who are wanted are given more rights and don’t have to work as hard. The message of this book is that even the most unwanted of people can still be the most brilliant of all of us.

Writing Style:

The writing in this book wasn’t very complex. A child would be able to read it and understand what it was saying. This book is in the third person narrative. The book is able to show what the main character is feeling even though we couldn’t hear his thoughts, which would usually take away from the connectedness of the reader and the characters.

My Thoughts:

I really enjoyed this book. I loved the combination of the magic and fantasy of the story. The backstory of all of the characters started to grow on me and then I couldn’t put the book down. I would stay up all night reading this book; I was so obsessed. I thought that McMann could have made the writing a little bit more formal in order to grasp more of my attention. In the book, there was just the right amount of suspense, action, and differentiation of characters. No two people were alike in this story. Overall this has been one of my favourite book I have read.

Book Reviewed By Ben Baumgard

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