Book: Trash

Author: Andy Mulligan

Rating: 1/5

Trash-Andy Mulligan

Raphael, Gardo and Rat are dump-site boys. Their lives dedicated to sorting through the mountains of trash. Then one day, their worlds collide with the biggest conspiracy theory of corruption in the government. They find a small leather bag and it contains the ID of a thirty-three year old man José Angelico, a key and a wallet full of money. The money is stolen and the three boys take on the challenge and solving the mystery that revolves around it. The police are also trying to find the bag and offer a handsome reward for its return though all three boys feel there is more to the theft than meets the eye. The man who robbed the vice-president of six million dollars left them a trail to follow a trail of bread crumbs that José believed only the worthy would ever be able to follow. They follow the clues and discover a train locker with two notes one to deliver to Gabriel Olondriz and second note a mix of random numbers. They get permission to borrow the mission school’s computer by lying to look up something for a ‘newspaper competition’ and convince the house mother Olivia with more lies to take Gardo to the prison where Gabriel Olondriz is being kept. In the meantime Rat and Raphael visit the Vice-president Senator Zampata’s house to find what really happened. Gardo’s visit to Gabriel Olondriz reveals that the random letters are in fact a book code and the book is Mr Olondriz’s bible which the boys have to steal from the security guard who took it after Mr Olondriz’s death. Then they decode the numbers to find the money has been buried along in one of José Angelico’s family member’s graves. The boys have great difficulty deciding whose grave it is until Pia Danté, José Angelico’s daughter comes to them alive in person, meaning the grave with her name is filled with six million dollars. They manage to crack open Pia’s grave and remove the money and then go back to Belhala their home and let the money fly across the mountains of trash and then leave their country behind for an Island to be safe for the rest of their lives.

Social/Historical context:

The economy of this country is poor so the idea is that if someone found something special they would be able to escape the cycle of poverty.

Writing Style:

The style of the book had different people narrating it throughout the story.

My Thoughts:

The style of the book had different people narrating it throughout the story.

Book Reviewed By BA

Trash-Andy Mulligan-Review#2

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