Book: We All Fall Down

Author: Eric Walters

Rating: 4.5/5

We All Fall Down-Eric Walters

Although We All Fall Down by Eric Walters had a slow start, it soon picked up pace. The main protagonist Will is your typical pretentious teenager who is distant from his work occupied father. The majority of the book is set over one day, take your kid to work day. Will heads off to his father’s generally boring office job located on Wall Street; little did he know he was in for a life changing experience. Will’s father shows him New York like he’s never seen it before, and mentions how so many tourists come to the city to see these wonders that we overlook and take for granted. Entering his office, Will’s father is met with many urgent calls. In the middle of one call a plane hits the tower across the courtyard. Will’s father takes charge as the fire warden and commands all offices to evacuate the building; however, one group of stubborn office workers wouldn’t leave. Just as Will and his father start to leave, a second plane comes out of nowhere and hits the tower they are in. When everyone else in the office climbs up the stairs up hoping to be saved, the father and son embark on a desperate attempt to descend past the plane crash and out of the building, but will they make it?

Social/Historical context:

9/11 is an historical event that happened on September 11th, 2001. This event changed the lives not only of all Americans, but the lives of people all over the world. The terrorist organization Al-Qaeda commandeered four planes, each heading to important American landmarks: the South Twin Tower, the North Twin Tower, The Pentagon, The White house. The South and North Towers of the World Trade Center were both hit, resulting in them both being fully destroyed. This event caused the ramp up in airport security, and triggered the need for so many safety precautions.

Writing Style:

The writing style of this book was smooth and fluent. I found it easy to follow the story. The vocabulary choices were appropriate for the intended audience. I feel that the author perfectly painted the picture, and did it so well that when the duo were passing the fire I think I felt a little hot! While the author has made me feel like I was there, sometimes the detail was a tad too much for the age group. For example, when Will watches as two people jump from the opposite tower across the courtyard, and fall to their death. Covering a sensitive topic, Eric Walters carefully weaves the story to make it not too difficult to read, but almost impossible to put down.

My Thoughts:

I loved this book! It was great. It’s a thrilling book that had a large sense of realism. I found that because it's an event so widely known it's easier to connect to the story. The stories that our generation hears are often difficult to understand; however, Eric Walters describes it in a way that makes you feel in the moment. I really enjoyed how the story taught me more about 9/11 than a textbook ever could.

Book Reviewed by Joe DeLano

We All Fall Down-Eric Walters-Review#1

We All Fall Down-Eric Walters-Review#2

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