Wedding Gift Ideas

gift a bookTraditionally, wedding gift ideas for a newly wedded couple comprise of household articles that the couple is likely to need in its new family setup. Some household appliance, a utilitarian piece of crockery, clothes for the couple- such common items usually make up the goodie-box of a newly married pair.

However, while the utility of these wedding gifts is beyond question, they often become very predictable as gift items. Hence they cease to be special and unique as gifts.

When it comes to considering unique gift ideas, the vast possibility of giving a book as a gift is often ignored. This is quite unfortunate because a book, if selected with care, can be a very useful companion for the newly wedded couple, in addition to being special, unique and thoughtful.

A book can provide much needed marital advice, elaborate on fabulous honeymoon ideas, give financial and future planning tips, or become an album of happy times spent together by the couple. These benefits may not be as tangible as the usage of some expensive piece of crockery but in the long run, a couple may gain much more from a good book than it would from the use of the china.

gift bookThe secret to giving such a valuable and useful book however lies in the proper selection of it. The book universe is huge. New books keep getting published each day and to be frank, few people have the time or inclination to research the right books that serve as proper wedding gifts. It is difficult to find one single source of information on a good range of book gifting possibilities. Research needs to be conducted on what kind of a book to give, what book is a best seller in its category, the affordability of the book, the writing style of a book, its take-home value and its overall utility.

book giftIt can become quite tiresome for a single person to conduct all this research for the sake of selecting a single gift! The good news is that such extensive research is not required anymore. ‘Gift a book-101 ideas : Ultimate guide to the best gifts’ is now available as a ready reference guide for such unique wedding gift ideas. This ebook not only provides great wedding gift ideas but also gives fabulous wedding anniversary gift ideas. In fact this super duper gifting guide provides interesting and unique gifting ideas for all major gifting occasions in life- including birthdays, graduation, honeymoon, and retirement.

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