Book:Wolf of the Plains

Author:Conn Iggulden


Wolf of the Plains-Conn IgguldenSummary:Genghis Khan... The name evokes images of empire, of conquest, of the thundering of the hooves of the mongol hordes. Yet, how did it begin? Was he born or was he made? We follow the author in his quest to reveal the boy before the man, Temujin before he became Genghis as he attempts to unite the scattered tribes of the merciless Steppes of Central Asia.

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Social/Historical context:This book gives the reader an insider's view on the culture and customs of the nomadic tribes of the Steppes. One gets to see how they lived and eked out their existence in the harsh grasslands of central Asia, migrating from region to region every season. One gets valuable insights into things that are normally not presented in such a manner in historical texts.

ten dollarsWriting Style:The author writes in third person with the center of the narrative being the main character. The narrative's focus shifts to other characters' perspectives from time to time if their separate activities are significant in advancing the plot. The language is simple English with some actual Mongolian words used for commonplace objects to provide the necessary historical effect.

My Thoughts:There are no two ways to say it- I loved this book! It is an extremely gripping narrative while providing the reader with an accurate picture of the historical events of the time, thereby promoting learning while reading. It is very well researched and whenever, due to reasons of plot propagation, the author has departed from fact, he has corrected it in the afterword.

Book Reviewed By Sayan Mukherjee

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Yes Not rated yet
It was a thrilling and educational read. I loved it.

Yes Not rated yet
It was a thrilling and educational read. I loved it.

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