Writing a Book Review

Writing a Book ReviewWriting a book review can be very simple if you have even a slight interest in reading literature. The key to writing a good book review is to read the book itself thoroughly. Even if your writing skills are average, you can produce a professional book review if you have a good understanding of the text. In order to know more about how to read and understand literature, click here .

To write a book review you need to know and follow some basic rules of critical review writing:

  • Provide a brief summary of the book without divulging the complete plot. If there are elements of suspense in the novel, your summary must maintain it. This ensures that the person who reads your review is still interested in reading the main novel
  • Give the reader a little more information about the novel than just the storyline. For example, does the author talk about a significant period in history? Do the characters seem lifelike? Is there any learning? What is the theme of the novel?
  • Writing a Book Review
  • Next provide specific information to the reader about the author's writing style. For example, what kind of language does he use? Is their heavy usage of symbolism? Are the passages rambling and difficult to follow? Or is the narrative crisp and fast paced? These snippets of information from you establish the fact that you are a seasoned reviewer. They also assist the reader in his reading of the novel.
  • Last of all, provide your very personal reaction to the book. Since every reader has a unique and personal reaction to the thoughts expressed in the novel, documenting these reactions provides a reference point to the reader who is about to read the novel.

If you follow these rules broadly you should be able to learn how to write a good and critical book review. Mostly all English teachers require the above mentioned elements in a review. So you can safely use these elements to write book reviews for school. The interesting thing is that writing book reviews does not require a reviewer to be an academician . Even a kid can follow these review writing rules and come up with fabulous write-ups.

Writing a Book ReviewLastly let me mention some hygiene points that you need to remember while writing a book review:

  • Ensure that your review has some substantial information in it. It should be at least a page long
  • Your grammar, and spellings should be correct. There is no bigger spoiler to a great write up than bad spellings and grammar
  • Make a few relevant quotations from the book if possible. It makes your point more forceful.

If you want to learn more about writing book reviews, click here .

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