Earn $10 (Rs. 500) for every book review


If you like reading literature and you want to earn some easy money off your favorite hobby, here's your chance.

Simply write a 400-500 word review on the book you have just finished reading and send it to us. If your review is selected for publishing on our website, we shall send you a payment worth $10( Rs.500)!

baby writing Here is how to proceed:

That's it! You are done. If your review is selected for publishing by our board of editors, then we shall send you a payment worth $10( Rs.500) .

So what are you waiting for? Grab your chance of winning some easy money.

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What you gain

For each book review that is accepted and published by Book Review Circle, you shall win $10( Rs.500)!

In addition, all book reviews that get selected shall be published at Book Review Circle with your name.

You shall also be allocated a dedicated web page on www.book-review-circle.com. On this page you can place your photograph, a small paragraph about yourself and talk about your favorite books.

We want you to help build up an active community of book lovers who share knowledge of good books.

Help spread the light of learning. And don't miss your chance of getting paid for doing so :-)

Terms and Conditions

-Offer valid on books listed in the Booker Prize, Nobel Prize, Best Seller, and Classic categories only

-Offer cannot be clubbed with any other offer

-book-review-circle.com has total discretion with regard to selection of reviews for publication

-Reviews have to have original content. Duplicate content is going to be disqualified

-Payment will be made via Paypal or cheque( for India only) in the first week of every month

-Offer can be terminated at the discretion of book-review-circle.com

-book-review-circle.com reserves the right to add, alter, modify, withdraw all or any of the Terms and Conditions or replace, wholly or in part, the program by any other program, whether similar to this program or not or withdraw it altogether without any prior notice

-in case of dispute with any party, book-review-circle.com's decision will be binding and final