Gift a Book: 101 ideas

- Ultimate guide to the best gifts

gift a book‘Do you get cold feet when you think of the things you have to consider before you can choose the right gift?

Like keeping the personality of the receiver in mind?

  • What does he like
  • What stage of life is he in
  • How well do you know him- is he a close relative or a distant acquaintance

I once gave 'Many Lives, Many Masters' by Dr. Brian Weiss to my father-in-law. He is about to retire and he spends his free time meditating. He is keenly interested in Yoga. But I gave him 'ManyLives, Many Masters' which is an intriguing true story of a psychiatrist and his patient, about past life therapy and about re-incarnation. I loved that book. And I thought he would too. Well contrary to what I thought, this book was not in his area of interest and the book is gathering dust in his book shelf. gift-a-book

But that was a long time ago- that was before I had written this paper. Now I never go wrong because now I know the right books for the right people.

To continue the story then, one fine day, I wanted to take some time off and cut the chase for decent gift choices. And since I am an incurable book worm, I decided to pick books only as gifts. I checked out the complete list of timeless book classics. I found out the all-time favorites in the best book stores of the world. Being an avid reader since childhood, I tried to recall and enlist all the books that had influenced me in my formative years. And at the end, I compiled them all....for mutual benefit.

So now when I need to buy a gift for someone, I simply refer to my list of 101 Book gifting ideas and find out the book that best suits the circumstances. And, almost always I never go wrong. To let you on to a secret- people love my gifts. gift-a-bookAnd I love to see a smile on their faces when I give them something that is so meaningful. I also love people coming back to me and telling me how excited they were about the content of the book. Before we know it, we have a little warm conversation going about the book...about related books and topics. I mean, if my small little gift could get so much mind share from this person, I have spent my money well. Is there a better way to gift? I don't think so.’

Excerpt from Chapter#1 of Gift a Book: 101 ideas- Ultimate guide to the best gifts