How to read literature

how to read literature

We love reading novels for their great stories and memorable characters. But do we often miss out on a lot of stuff that the novel offers besides its story and characters? Does the novel become useless after just one read? Would it not be more value-for-money for us if we could derive a lifetime of learning and many rereads from one book itself? Would it not give us more value for money if we could derive many fold pleasure from the novel’s plot, theme, subject matter and motif and sucker gratification from its multi layered meanings?- If we could unearth the hidden secret behind the author’s complex use of symbolism, allegory, imagery and archetypes?

gift a bookThe answer to most of these questions is YES. But the sad truth is that many of us allow ourselvesto be content with just the story and characters in a novel. Simply because we do not know the simple tricks that make literature enjoyable. In short, many of us could use some help on reading literature in the correct manner.
Once we learn how to read literature, we would continue to derive pleasure out of the novel long after we have finished reading the story once. With every reading we would discover newer things to appreciate in the novel. The novel could teach us things about humanity and mankind, give us a glimpse into history or into an alien culture where social values would be different but interestingly the nature of man would be the same.
My e-book ‘How to read literature- A literature study guide’ explains how to read and enjoy literature in several short easy steps. The book explains the 5 essential components of a novel. It illustrates the various writing techniques that a writer employs in order to cleverly demonstrate his central theme.

Not just that the e-book has a reading guide for people who are getting initiated into literature. It also provides an indicative reading list of books one must pick up in order to gain guaranteed literary value out of them. It illustrates the common difficulties in reading literature and shows how they can be easily overcome with a little effort and learning.

Here is a list of the chapters in the book

Chapter 1: What is literature?
Chapter 2: Why read literature?
Chapter 3: Common difficulties in reading literature
Chapter 4: How to read literature
           Point of View
           Use of Language
           Personal Evaluation
Chapter 5: Literature for beginners 
Chapter 6: What to read: Classics vs. Bestsellers
Chapter 7: An Indicative reading list

gift a book"I am an engineer and I don’t really have a knack for literature. Or so I thought. My favorite pastime was watching TV.
Ashmita’s ‘How to read literature’ is one of the best buying decisions I have made in my life as this has changed my lifestyle to a very great extent- today my lifestyle has changed for the better. Now I consider TV viewing a complete waste of time and concentrate on reading meaningful books instead. And I love every moment of my free time now as I spend it on books without any guilt- it enhances my self-esteem. Thanks Ashmita how to read literature

                              Manish Kumar

Though the value that can be derived from the book will last a lifetime, the e-book costs the same as one lunchtime burger! Yes, it costs only $7. So actually, for the price of a burger, you can derive a lifetime of learning.

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gift a book"I have always been a book worm but reading Ashmita’s ‘How to read literature’ has helped me understand literature better. Now I know how to glean the maximum out of a book. I gain much more out of novels now than I did before reading Ashmita’s book. I think every literature enthusiast has something to gain out of it. Ashmita also gives guidelines on the kind of books to read- I loved that list.."

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This book can be used as a ready reference guide each time you pick up a novel. Most study guides are too erudite or too serious to be pleasurable. But in this book, I have used my personal experience for giving examples that help in understanding the different critical components of the novel.  Links have been provided to reader reviews that already exist on the website. So if a certain point in the e-book is not very clear to the reader, he can go to another reader’s review for further understanding of the point.
After reading this short and simple e-book, reading literature should become a pleasurable activity for you. In fact, literature should be able to provide more of an intellectual challenge to you than a popular video gameread literature
Try it for yourself and see. After all it is Free!

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"Ashmita Saha’s passion for literature and literary appreciation comes through in this book. It would be a good starting point for someone just delving into the possibilities and pleasures literature has to offer. The book was very thorough and seemed to do a good job of defining some of the common literary techniques and stylistic elements. "
Anjuli M Singh,
Publications Coordinator & Executive Assistant,
United States

About the product

The ebook is in the form of a PDF document. So you will need to download the ebook onto your computer and then view it with a PDF reader. Alternatively you can also view the book on your web browser.

You will get the download link as soon as you make the payment. So you can start reading the book immediately.

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