I agree with you Rana

by Ashmita

I agree with you Rana to a great extent...the book has multiple layers of meaning and cannot be interpreted in just the colonial context(though that is the immediate provocation/motivation for Conrad in writing his novel)

I wanted to comment on 2 sentences in your analysis- 'Conrad's novel thus moves beyond its status as a "classic" of English literature. It becomes a piece of cultural commentary that can offer critiques of our own contemporary predicaments. '

My thoughts- A classic, though written a long time ago, is considered a 'classic' (meaning 'of the first or highest quality') only because it has stood the test of time and is relevant even today. We would not read these texts centuries after they have been written if they did not uphold lessons for us in the contemporary world. Classic case in point - Shakespeare :-)

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Jul 13, 2010
Hatz off to Conrad !
by: Rana

By saying that conrad's text has gone beyond its status as a classic and become a cultural commentary, I donot eliminate it from the canon or challenge its sublimity. Rather I accept its time tested global appeal and see it in the new lens of popular cultural context. I feel, Conrad's text is always open for reinterpretations and therein lies the secret of its success.

Loved your comments. you know, I always have a reverential awe regarding your potential as a book-reviewer. So, your comments as always goad me to think better.

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