by Vj

Writing such a huge volumes and yet just gave a feeling like just on surface..........
Very shallow.........
Read and heard a lot about this trilogy, found it nowhere near.
Every other person talking about the book is all ga-ga but the book.........uff, nothing else, all three. Thought Amish must be something but.....
Actually I read Ashwin Sanghi's books "The Krishna Key", "Rozabal Lane" and "Chankya's Chant" and that were small in comparison much less pages and single volumes, but yet if you go through them you will realize how hard would have been the research of the author. These gives a great note of our great history and bound with breath taking plot of modern times too.
Also read Narendra Kohli's series on "Ramayana" and "MahaBharat"(under the name MahaSamar 8 parts) that gives the details in depth.

This trilogy is just not doing justice with the greatness of Lord Shiva, although projects itself based on Shiva.
I request Amish to think again if he is doing something on Mahabharat, as I have heard so. Please read Narendra Kohli's work on it and then think can you do something even anywhere close to it. The characterization of every character in it was awesome.

Please think.

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