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Personally for my tastes, this book is rather good in some senses. However, in my eyes, there are some major flaws that continue driving me away from the book, and being unable to hold my interest (and keep me awake) for long.

1. The book moves far too slowly.
I have seen little to no plot development in the first 3 chapters, as all the book describes them is singing and eating. From what I saw as well, the plot actually started around chapter four.
2. To me, this book is really too "standard" in my eyes- something bad happens every time they try to leave, or do something else, and it really just becomes a cycle of, "Oh, there going to be attacked. Yup, there it is....." and eventually just becomes an eyesore.

However, there are some good qualities about the Hobbit, I won't deny.

1. It has very good character-to-character dialogue.
Although this is rather rare, when it does come up it actually means something, imitating something almost like out of our daily lives. (However there are several chapters, like I recall one "monologue" when Bilbo meets Gollum that is almost just riddles spoken again and again.)
2. Inspires imagination.
I may not be a person inspired, but it definitely does for people who enjoy Medieval time periods and mythical creatures and legends. However, like I stated above, I prefer modern technology and certain kinds of future technology.
3. Provides examples of real-world problems and people.
The hobbits are almost like common people here, rather unnoticeable, and don't speak out as much. However they are a rather powerful force, but choose to stay quiet than act.

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