The Book Lovers Club

The Book Lovers Club is a club for book worms. Members join the club in order to
  • Read about books
  • Share their experiences after reading books
  • Recommend books
  • Choose a book gift for someone they care about
  • Decide their next read
  • Discuss books
  • Connect with fellow book lovers
  • and Have fun!

Membership rules

  • Book Lovers Club members can use to write reviews of their recent reads

  • Members are entitled to an exclusive Reviewer page after their first book review gets accepted by for publication

  • Members can also express their opinion on reviews already written by other members

  • Members may subscribe to the monthly ezine, Book Lovers Club News

  • Members can link back to their favorite reviews from their Facebook/Twitter/Myspace and other accounts

  • Members can get website updates by using the RSS feed on their favorite e-readers

  • Members may not spam the website by using vulgar, obscene, slang language while writing reviews or while submitting comments on book reviews

  • Members may not spam the website by resubmitting book reviews that have already been rejected by the editorial board, unless they have a mail from the editor expressly requesting them to do so

  • Members may not harass other Book Lovers Club members by contacting them against their wish

  • Membership rules may change at the discretion of

Types of membership

There are two types of Book Lovers Club membership available: Regular and Exclusive.

Membership Benefits

membership-benefitsRegular members have the following privileges:
  • Members get a Free copy of the Book Lovers Club News every month. The Book Lovers Club News is our monthly ezine that contains all the scoop on what's happening at the club. It has Club gossip, reading suggestions, quizzes and a lot more.

  • Members get flash updates of the latest reviews posted on in their favorite e-reader. For this, members simply have to attach our RSS feed code to the feed reader they generally use. Members shall find the RSS feed code on clicking the RSS button in the side bar of the website. It looks like this :RSS-feed

  • Members shall be able to share reviews of books on Facebook/Twitter/Myspace and other such networking sites by simply clicking on the Facebook/Twitter/Myspace icon at the bottom of every review page. Members' Facebook/Twitter/Myspace friends can then read the review at the click of a button from their Facebook/Twitter/Myspace accounts!

Exclusive members are entitled to the following club benefits:

  • The club arranges various promotions at various times of the year. Exclusive members get first preference during such promotions.

  • At present the club is running 2 such schemes. Find out more about them here: Get a $10 gift voucher , Write to earn

  • Exclusive club members also get a web page dedicated to them on the website. This page contains a short paragraph about them, their photograph, short notes on their favorite books and authors and a record of their reviews on the website

  • Moreover, Exclusive members get a Free copy of our monthly ezine Book Lovers Club News

  • And of course, Exclusive members are also entitled to all the other benefits that Regular members enjoy on

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How to join

Membership of the Book Lovers Club is FREE! That's right, you don't have to pay a single penny to be a member. What you have to do of course, is love books.

You can become a Regular member of the Book Lovers Club as soon as you sign up for the Free ezine: Book Lovers Club News. This ezine is a monthly publication and is distributed Free of cost to all Book Lovers Club members. The ezine contains literary articles, gossip, news, reading suggestions, quizzes and a lot more. Sign up for Book Lovers Club News now by clicking here .

In order to become an Exclusive member of the Book Lovers Club, you need to submit a review of a book to us. If the review is accepted by our editorial board for publication on the website, you graduate from a Regular member to an Exclusive member.

To check out our editorial guidelines on writing a book review, click here.

In order to write a review now, click here.

Termination of membership

  • Membership of the club will be terminated for any member who is reported to indulge in spamming of the website or in the harassment of a club member.

  • Termination will ensure that he/she is unable to submit any additional book reviews to the website, and is unable to comment on any existing book review on the website. Also, he/she will not receive the Book Lovers Club News ezine after termination of membership.