Book: The Diary Of A Young Girl

Author: Anne Frank

Rating: 4/5

The Diary Of A Young Girl-Anne Frank

This is an endearing real life account of (and by) a young Jewish girl while she is in hiding from the Nazis during World War II. Anne Frank begins writing her diary on her thirteenth birthday and continues to write in it for the next two years until finally the narrative gets truncated with her capture by Nazi troops. At a surprisingly intimate level, the book reveals how one of many Jewish families tries to cope with the oppressive Nazi regime. We see how members of an affluent and well educated Jewish family are forced to share their lives with another Jewish family inside the cramped and sparing back quarters of a warehouse. Food is scarce, facilities are rare and the outdoors are out of bounds. Amidst these bleak circumstances Anne tries to keep her spirits up by occupying herself in such constructive activities as her limited means will allow. She dreams of a bright, happy future and prepares herself for it. But her youth and liveliness are under cover and they face the constant threat of exposure...

Social/Historical context:

The book has immense historical and social significance. It is a major piece of world literature that brings home the excesses of the Nazi regime. The diary was not written for publication. It is the soliloquy of a Jewish teenager who becomes a victim of the Nazi holocaust. This truthful depiction of social circumstances during the World War II lends the work its greatness and pathos. The book is replete with allusions to hardships born by Jews at that time. It also contains indirect references to the response of Hitler's anti-Jew policies by fellow Germans and Europeans.

Writing Style:

The book reads like its name suggests- like a diary. Anne gives the diary an imaginary personality (naming her 'Kitty') and talks to Kitty in a series of letters. Anne's use of language shows that she is a well read girl with proper understanding of social etiquette and manners. She also comes across as  someone who has been brought up by loving and protective parents. The book is easy to read and can be finished in a couple of sessions. The writing style is direct without much use of figurative language, symbolism or other such literary techniques. It is a journal of the life of a young girl and uses a linear story line from the first person narrative perspective.

My Thoughts:

I loved the book. I cried after finishing it. For someone who has been born and brought up in peaceful times, realization of the stark cruelty of past political regimes can have a sobering effect. The book conveys this reality like a wet sock on the face.

Book Reviewed by Ashmita Saha

The Diary Of A Young Girl-Anne Frank-Review#2

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The story is quite boring at first but it becomes more and more interesting. Everyone should try or make an effort to read it. Its quite good.

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i luvd this book, and was quite impressed by the way she expresses herself I rate it a 4 & 1/2 star

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it really heart touching I cried after reading it

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I cannot believe what this poor girls family went through:As that sick twisted man caused this havoc, and when I read the book I actually felt her pain …

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