very interesting work

by fortune ogini
(Nigeria/Rivers state)

in the call of the wild; we recognize how violence may change the nature of a man. while the book is written about a dog; it is an allegory-it refers to the various brutal experiences that man has gone through in history; such as slavery, poverty and hunger. and how man may evolve In response to these bitter experiences.
In the exploitation of man by his fellow man, man is now evolving into a wild creature.
eventually men will begin to prey on their fellow men, this will take us back to the Hobbesian state of nature or the time before the biblical flood of Noah. i like the subtle style the author- Jack London- has used to write this novel.
This method of using the emotions and thoughts of a dog to portray human sensibilities makes him escape the radar of literary criticism.
this book is such that i always read it again and again.
You will notice the wild nature of Buck rising with every stage of deprivation of human empathy.
The dog or underdog learns to survive against all odds. He betrayed by human deception every step of the way.
His live is exposed to all elements of risk and danger; at the end, the hunted becomes the hunted.
A history of all dominated people reveals to us from the time of Egypt to Rome that the underdog normally survives against all expectation and becomes a monster of terror.

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