Very much

by Suchandra Ganguly

Wuthering Heights—the name always made me curious as if it touched a chord or string somewhere within my soul. Strangely enough, I never planned to read this novel because almost all its reviews mention the novel’s violent descriptions and harsh characterizations.

It was only after I had read Jane Eyre, did I decide to pick another work by the great Bronte sisters and the next one in line was Wuthering Heights and now I wonder which one is better!

Majority of us (the readers) like the story of the virtuous; the Hero should always be good. There are; however, a few story tellers who can engage us in the story of a villain. Both of the central characters of the novel, Heathcliff and Catherine Earnshaw, portray the negative aspects of human nature, such as vindictiveness, possessiveness, selfishness etc. But, Emily Bronte engages the readers thoroughly in the dangerously obsessive love story of this couple. You might very well continue to dislike both of them as you proceed with their story, but you will remain interested nevertheless.

Is the novel violent? Nah…as a being of the 21 century you will find nothing in the novel violent and harsh. However, compared to the other classics, Wuthering Heights is far more realistic and doesn’t foster an imaginary unrealistic world in the readers’ mind.

Is this a love story or a ghost story? This is a gothic love story which is more obsessive and less sweet. Instead of expecting romance, look forward to contemplate the complexities of human mind and nature. You will be able to relate to the feelings and apprehensions caused by love; the constant tussle between the mind and the heart.

I second the 4/5 rating…the fans of literary fiction or classics should not miss this novel.

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