this book assumes a lot of things-while it depicts the character of a totalitarian world government-its prophecy may not come to pass. there are individuals and groups all over the world fighting for democracy and championing human rights. the author-orwells -is looking at the world from the eyes of china and Russian.
the characterisation of this work is similar to his comedy in the animal farm.
there are so many religious and social forces which may not allow the world to conform to mr orwell's picture.
when comparing the apocalyptic content of this work to bible end time; the difference is the emergence of a singular world leader.
nevertheless, this book warns us of the impending dangers that may arise if nations become too close and dependent on each other.
there must be an opposing voice and a right to individual freedoms in order to keep alive the democratic spirit.
one implication of the reality of a totalitarian is a total removal of the independent international media and global internet.
this internet assisted in the democratic revolt of countries in north Africa. it will mean a collapse of journalism and academia as powerful institutions in world politics.
mr orwells in subsequent works should take a more global view of future rising world powers than concentrating entirely on the east.

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